About This Project

iMIND is a cyber-physical solution designed for the management of the Smart City and its environments, taking into account the different parameters on which it is necessary to act to improve urban life.

iMIND solutions are specific to each project. These adaptations include the sensors included in each module, the management of the data collected, the integration of the corporate or municipal image, the use of specific materials and finishes, the communication protocols, etc.

Beyond the technological catalog shown, there is the possibility of creating combinations. For example, integrating light and noise sensors in the flow monitoring module or including air quality measurement sensors in a scooter station.

iMIND collaborates with administrators and users to generate cross-sectional deployments. For this reason, iMIND is designed with high integration capabilities in third-party implementations or systems.


All the devices that make up iMIND work connected to a Management Platform. Through this platform, we can monitor, treat and analyze different parameters depending on the device and the project.


The platform has multiple applications, in which it stands out is the collection of data. We can obtain both real-time and historical data for analysis and management. The main objective is to apply the platform based on the needs of cities, which can be integrated into urban environments and serve the interests of citizens in an affordable and scalable way.


Likewise, the platform can generate reports according to different parameters selected by the manager.


This will allow the creation of new next generation digital services to help the managers of Smart City and its different segments (Smart home, Smart industry, etc.) to make better decisions and improve their ability to achieve mobility, energy efficiency, resilience and economic development.


The platform incorporates the generation of Workflows and a Dashboards editor. As developers of iMIND technology and experts in data interconnection and study, we can support the connection of multiple data sources for your city platform.

urban hidroalcoholic gel dispenser

This high-capacity hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with IoT connection is ideal for creating safe and efficient environments. It is specially designed for high traffic areas. It has a tank of 10 liters of gel, capable of supplying more than 10,000 individual doses. It works automatically and without contact, for greater safety and has two discharge modes (individual dose and continuous discharge) and light sensors that warn if the tank level is below 20%.

Its striking appearance has promotional purposes, as it allows you to label its area or include a QR code.

Among the different advantages offered by this system, we find the ease of transport and its versatility in placement, as it is valid for indoor and outdoor use.

air quality monitoring

Set of sensors for measuring air quality in open and closed environments, including different gases, suspended particles, and environmental parameters such as relative humidity, temperature, luminosity or noise. Highly indicated to include in EDUSI projects, as a meter of emissions from professional activities or an indicator of the impact of other technologies that affect pollution.


This iMIND module is made up of sensor nodes for the parameters to be monitored and by WiFi or LoRa communication systems.


Thus, the system collects information and data in real-time according to parameters and timings established based on the criteria and needs of the client, modifiable using the iMIND platform. It can also be used as a weather station, adding other custom sensors, and complemented with other iMIND solutions. It is discreet and easy to install, mains or battery powered.


The gateway is the module that connects all iMIND devices with the cloud, where the servers are located where the data for the iMIND platform is collected.


This module can integrate various wired and/or wireless communication technologies, as needed, such as WiFi, RF 434 / 868MhZ, Ethernet, LoRa or GPRS 2G-4G.


It can be installed indoors or outdoors, connected to an electrical outlet. Depending on the number and type(s) of communications chosen, the antenna can be integrated into the module itself or be a separate wired connection, which allows it to be placed in a separate place (up to 3 meters) from where the module is installed. The range of the signal depends entirely on the surrounding environment, being able to cover distances of several kilometers.

flow control

This technology uses cameras to monitor the entry and exit of people in a given space. It is designed to create safe environments, with special applications in the public sector, commerce, and tourism. It is adaptable and customizable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


As it is a technology whose main tool is a 12MPx camera, this iMIND solution can also be used for the surveillance of urban furniture or access to industrial and business areas.


One of the main cross-cutting integrations for this system consists of adding sensors to record noise and/or lighting levels.

urban: scooter parking and charging station

Urban is a modular system for parking and recharging electric scooters while protecting them and preventing possible theft or acts of vandalism.


It consists of a modular base station and a wireless charging unit that attaches to the scooter itself and connects with its battery. It is adaptable, being configured in various ways and serving indoors and outdoors.


The station is connected to the iMIND digital platform and has an app for users. Both platforms can be integrated with those existing in any city council, company or entity and with the possibility of collecting data on use and status and the energy consumed.


This technology promotes sustainable mobility, being very useful for mobility in the urban environment, displacement to commercial areas or industrial areas that are close to urban centers and avoids parking in inappropriate areas.

waisense city: smart irrigation and consumption monitoring

Waisense City is created for smart irrigation management in parks, gardens and other green areas. At the same time, it allows the monitoring of consumption in different facilities.


This technology is made up of a series of sensor and actuator nodes, which will be implemented in different numbers as required by the project:


  • Remote valve module: main device equipped with a solenoid valve and flow, temperature and/or pressure sensors to control the circulating flow.
  • Pumping module: the unit that increases the pressure of the circuit when an additional contribution is necessary to reach all the irrigation areas.
  • Sensor module for the terrain: module that brings together different sensors to determine the need for irrigation based on the temperature, relative humidity, pH, and conductivity of the soil.


Additionally, Waisense City deployments can be completed with modules for monitoring environmental variables, helping to predict irrigation needs.


The advantages are economic, logistical and data management. With the implementation of iMIND we would avoid irrigation when the soil is already sufficiently moist. In addition, the costs of extra water consumption are reduced thanks to its system of prevention of freezing and breakage of the pipes.


The environmental impact for the smart environment of this iMIND technology is undeniable, since it reduces the consumption of water, energy and CO2 emissions used in the cycle, being highly attractive and useful for Smart City projects or other facilities where water consumption is very high.

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